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Fine Woman
(Live recording)
Mojo Man
Roll On Muddy River
Dog House

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mojo monkey songs have been featured in television shows -
"Angel," "Felicity," "Alias," and "Chronicle."


from the magazine "GRINDSTONE"...

"First off, what the hell is mojo? It's probably not in your dictionary. If you ask different people, you'll get different answers.

The term has been around for years. Just listen back to some old recordings and you'll come across several sayings like "got my mojo workin'." It is also defined by some as a voodoo spell or an amulet. Others say it is a feelin'.

This group of musicians pull it all together with the music and the feeling.

David Raven used to be the drummer for the regae/rock'nroll/Elvis band called Dread Zepplin, but now heads this swamp-blues band called the Mojo Monkeys -- he's the one with the long goatee that resembles a skunk's tail. Dave is a regular in the studio, recording with everyone from Sass Jordan to Greg Ginn to the Meat Puppets. You can hear him on Amy Grant's hit "That's What Love is For," and he just finished recording a sng with Atlantic Records star Jewel.

They blend Howlin' Wolf, Chuck Berry and the Kentucky Headhunters into their own stripped down combo. They play a set that consists of kick/snare/hi-hat, upright bass, electric guitar, and harmonica.

Many will recognize bass player Taras Prodaniuk from Lucinda William's or Dwight Yoakam's bands. He has recorded with the likes of June Carter, Pete Anderson and Michelle Shocked, and is currently touring with Spencer Davis.

On the mississippi Sax it's Hurricane Jake. He blows that big old harp like there's no tommorow, and when they get rockin', he drives that train right through your brain. Such a little guy, where does he get all that air from?

And on guitar, Billy Watts...though he plays some of the most tasty innovative little licks, he's not flashy. He also does a lot of studio work, and has played with John Trudell, Carlene Carter, Chuck E. Weiss, and Mark Insley.

Yes they've all got a lot going on... and they've managed to keep this project happening.
One of these days, when the time is right, I feel it will happen to them.



Produced by the Mojo Monkeys

Instruments of music (and/or instruments of torture):
Vocalizations: All lead vocals by David Raven
except "Mabel" 2nd lead vocal by Billy Watts
Bass: Taras Prodaniuk
Drums and Percussion: David Raven
Guitars: Billy Watts
Blues Harp, Hurricane Jake
Additional guitars: Pete Anders
Pedal Steel: Greg Leisz
Keyboards: Jim Blazer, Skip Edwards, Phil Parlapiano

Recorded by: Michael Dumas, Joe Braus, Brian Soucy, Richard Baron and Shawn Allan
Assisted by: Elijah

Recorded at:
Mad Dog Studios, Sunset Sound, Joe Braus's Garage, Drive By Studios, Sonora Sound, and Criterion Studio

Background Vocals: Billy Watts, Taras Prodaniuk and on "Fine Woman" and "Circuit Rider", Donny Gerrard...
Background vocals on "Eye of the Sun," and "Muddy River," arranged by Delaney Bramlett and sung by Delaney Bramlett, Linda McCreary and Mindy Stein.

Mixed by Michael Dumas, except "Hang," "God's Home Number," and "Roll On Muddy River,"
which were mixed by Jim Scott at Record One

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