Mojo Monkeys Discography:  Blessings and Curses

Mojo Monkeys – Blessings & Curses

Blessings & Curses

1 Bodacious (For The Kickass Girls)
2 Enough (For America… And Red Blooded American Girls)
3 Can’t Say No (For The Bad Girls)
4 Girl Might Do (For The Mystery Girls)
5 Beating Dead Horses (For The Little Conservative In All Of Us)
6 Baton Rouge (For West Texas)
7 In The Wind (For Artists Everywhere…)
8 Californialabama (For The Bad Boys)
9 Monkeythumb
10 She’ll Be Alright (For The Gigsville Girls)
11 Dirty Money (For Our Fair City)
12 Our Curse (For The Broken Ones)
13 Mockingbird Song (For The Birds And The Sirens In The City Of The Angels)